Access for researchers

If you are a researcher, member or not of the NS-PARK network, and wish to conduct research using data from the NS-PARK cohort, you will find here the details of the steps to take as well as the list of documents related to the cohort.

Conduct of a specific research project

The NS-PARK cohort has been developed for scientific purposes. Access to its data is authorized only for the conduct of specific research projects.

Any investigator wishing to conduct a project on the cohort data must submit it to the Cohort team, in accordance with the submission circuit, by filling out a submission form. To access to this information and the form, please contact the Cohort team.


  1. The research project is submitted to the executive committee of the cohort, which verifies its admissibility, particularly in term of reguations. If necessary, the project is sent to the Scientific committee. 
  2. The president of the Scientific committee designate two scientific reviewers and a methodologist to examine the project (feasibility, scientific relevant, data circuit and availability, methodology and statistical analysis plan).
  3. If the reviewers give a favorable opinion, the whole Scientific Committee gives its agreement to the conduct of the project, within 1 month from the reception of the file and transmits the request to the AP-HP Pharmacoepidemiology Center (statistical team of the cohort), in charge of the data extraction and/or analysis.
  4. The Scientific Committee solicits the agreement of each of the partner institutions whose data contained in the cohort may be used for the needs of the project.
  5. The Scientific Committee's opinion is given to the investigator after a maximum of two months. The Scientific Committee's agreement is equivalent to an authorization to access the NS-PARK data.


Information to NS-PARK centers:
All the terms and conditions and rules for accessing the NS-PARK cohort data are detailed in the Cohort charter, attached to the NS-PARK project consortium agreement.


NS-PARK cohort documentary base

A data dictionary detailing all the variables collected in the NS-PARK cohort will be available soon.

Current versions of all regulatory documents are detailed here. For access requests or questions, please contact the Cohort Team.


Information and consent forms

# ICF & IFTypeCurrent version
Express Consent FormExpress4.0 of 08/03/2021
IFC AdultWritten6.0 of 11/07/2022
IFC Continuation* adultWritten7.0 of 08/09/2022
IFC Legal Guardian of an adult under protectionWritten7.0 of 08/09/2022
IFC Parental authority holderWritten6.0 of 11/07/2022
IF adult under protection_3.0 of 08/03/2021
IF Minor_5.0 of 08/03/2021
IF Protected adult representative Outside guardianship_2.0 of 11/07/2022

*Former minor participant, now an adult


NS-PARK Cohort Synopsis

V4.0 of 11/07/2022

The following operational documents are available:

  • NS-PARK network Parkinson form
  • Biobank form
  • Label sheet
  • Referent contacts
  • Filling Guidelines


All of these documents are available to help medical teams participating in the cohort. Do not hesitate to refer to the dematerialized file of the study or to contact the Cohort Team for any question!



Updated on 20 February 2023