Organization of Ns-Park network

Ns-Park network includes the 24 French expert centers for PD designated by the French Ministry of Health in 2012, widely distributed in France.



Following the certification of the network by F-CRIN (French Clinical Research Infrastructure Network) in 2014, the Ns-Park Network has expanded its organization,now as described below:

  • A steering committee (monthly meetings) including the 3 co-coordinators and 2 project managers (Estelle Dellapina et Véronique Chaigneau).The role of this committee is to define objectives and thematic and strategic orientations of the network. The steering committee is the unique gateway of projects.
  • A technical committee including one designated movement disorders expert for each center and the chairman of each working group and transversal taskforce.
  • Five working groups focused on primary research topics:
    • Molecular (genetic) and early diagnosis of PD (working group 1)
    • Treatment and prevention of motor symptoms and motor complications in PD (working group 2)
    • Physiopathology, evaluation and treatment of non motor features in PD (working group 3)
    • Management of PD patients at a late stage of the disease (working group 4)
    • Major challenges for rare movement disorder diseases (working group 5)
  • Five taskforces bringing a transversal support to the network:
    • Coordination of the network (transversal task 1)
    • Clinical, brain imaging, biomarker and neurophysiological databases (transversal task 2)
    • Clinical trial design and clinical research tools (transversal task 3)
    • Training in PD and movement disorders (transversal task 4)
    • Relationships with preclinical industrial and academic laboratories (transversal task 5)