Ongoing analyses

List of ancillary analyses based on NS-PARK cohort


In addition to its specific objectives, the NS-PARK cohort aims to provide to the scientific community a high quality data set that can be used to answer scientific questions on Parkinson's disease.

Thus, researchers internal or external to NS-PARK network can submit projects on the cohort.

All analyses performed on NS-PARK cohort data received the agreement of the cohort Scientific committee and the required regulatory authorizations, without which the access to the data can not be permitted.

The data transfer to the requesting researcher is done in a strict compliance with confidentiality rules (anonymized data).


Current analyses on the cohort are described in the table below.

For more details on each analysis, click on the project title.


Project title




From pathophysiology to precision medicine in PD

Project funded by the French patients association France Parkinson

Regulatory authorizated obtained

Project launch in the 2nd quarter of 2021


Predicting trajectories of Parkinson's disease patients

In the process of regulatory submissions

Starting in 2021


Continuous dopaminergic stimulation with subcutaneous apomorphine

Analysis in progress


Study of factors associated with the use of amantadine in patients with Parkinson's disease

Analysis in progress

2nd line treatments

Study of the clinical characteristics and reasons for using two second-line treatments in patients with PD

Analysis in progress

Postural disorders

Study of the association between postural disorders and motor complications in patients with Parkinson's disease

Analysis in progress




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