Fox Trial Finder





Professor Wassilios Meissner, head of the PD Expert Center at Bordeaux University Hospital, coordinated the implementation in France of the Fox Trial Finder (FTF) tool.

This tool was created by the American foundation Mickael J. Fox (MJFox) to facilitate the inclusion of volunteers - patients with Parkinson's disease and healthy volunteers - in clinical trials and thus accelerate the discovery of new therapies.

This is an online platform (, allowing these volunteers to connect anonymously with network teams near their home in order to have access to clinical trials.

The tool is already used in the United States and in several European countries, with more than 50000 registered volunteers.

In practice, the volunteer captures his profile (age, sex, duration of illness, main clinical signs, treatments), and it’s possible for him to view all the clinical trials corresponding to his profile and get in touch with the recruiting team via secure messaging.