Progress of the cohort

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In August 2020, more than 18,602 PD patients were included in the cohort, which means nearly 1904 new participants who have wished to join the study since summer 2019 in the different participating centers !

The collection of biological samples for the cohort will start before the summer 2021. Approximately 1500 blood samples are expected to be collected in this launch year of the biological collection.




Type of collected data


Total number

Parkinson's disease patients followed-up in NS-PARK network centers (Parkinson Expert Center and other affiliated centers)

Clinical data, updated at each visit

Active recruitment

> 18.602 current

Biological and genetics data from the biological collection 

In progress

≥ 5,000 expected

Imaging data

In progress

≥ 500 expected



PD patients inclusions curve since 2016

Distribution of patients included in the NS-PARK cohort by region