Expertises and strengths

Ns-Park network proposes to support its academic or private partners in the design, drafting, implementation and analysis of a project.

The support provided by the network at the various stages of its progress is both scientific and operational.


Ns-Park network proposes scientific and methodological expertise with:

  • key opinion leaders at the national and international levels
  • Access to all French PD experts centers,
  • Long experience of partnerships with pharmaceutical companies.

 Ns-Park network implemented a successful operational organization with:


Human ressources such as:

  • 3 full-time project managers are now dedicated to the network:

    • 2 project leaders offering support to academic or industrial sponsors :

      • Unique gateway to facilitate contact with sponsors,

      • Support from the conception to the implementation of multicentric and multi-partner projects,

      • Standardized and harmonized costs grid across centers,

      • Establishment of a recruitment strategy adapted to the objectives and constraints of the study,

      • Coordination of the activity of the centers and close monitoring of the projects through monthly meetings with the ARCs of the centers and quarterly meetings with the network investigators.

    • A project manager dedicated to quality control and data management of the national NS-PARK cohort

  • Dedicated points of contact in each center of the Ns-Park network (Investigators and CRAs) 


Technical means and powerful tools such as:

  • National Ns- Park cohort (see dedicated web page) :

    • Standardized clinical data updated at each patient’s visit (data from more than 25000 patients),

    • Project of implementation of biological and imaging data

  • Access to clinical research facilities:

  • POS and formation of investigators (GCP, PD scales)