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Ns-Park network is a French national clinical research network on Parkinson's disease (PD) and movement disorders gathering researchers and clinicians experts in the field. Ns-Park includes the 24 French expert centers for PD designated by the French Ministry of Health in 2012. Since 2010, the network is chaired by Prof. Olivier Rascol (Toulouse) and Prof. Jean-Christophe Corvol (Paris, Pitié Salpêtrière). In 2011, they were joined by Prof. Franck Durif (Clermont-Ferrand), the coordinator of France Stim network (dedicated to deep brain stimulation in movement disorders). The French Parkinson’s disease genetics network (PDG network) coordinated by Prof. Brice joined Ns-Park network in 2014 strengthening their visibility and allowing a global approach of Parkinson’s disease, both medical, genetic and surgical.

The objectives of Ns-Park network are to achieve and facilitate clinical research, and to participate in innovating therapeutic development to improve the management of patients and their quality of life.

Patients are informed of studies through Ns-Park investigators. Centers of the network are widely distributed in France allowing a large number of patients to participate to studies. A national registry including patients agreeing to participate to studies is available in all centers to facilitate inclusions. Ns-Park network performs only studies fulfilling the legal framework, in compliance with good clinical practices.

In 2014, NS PARK has been certified by the French Clinical Research Infrastructue FCRIN, the French counterpart of ECRIN, a pan-European support infrastructure for multinational clinical trials.

The Ns-Park network is thus receives financial support from FCRIN and Inserm.


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