Our gouvernance

The coordination unit

The governance of the NS-PARK network is ensured by an executive board composed of a college of coordinators renowned at the national and international level and representing the different scientific orientations of the network (pharmacology, genetics, surgery, imaging). The executive board's mission is to define the strategic orientations and scientific objectives of the NS-PARK network. It represents the network to its supervisory institutions and promotes it at the national and international level to academic and industrial partners. An operational team assists the executive board in its missions and composed of three project managers dedicated to the network's activities and a project manager dedicated to the NS-PARK cohort.  This coordination unit, composed of the executive board and the operational team, is the single contact point of the NS-PARK network.


Composition of the NS-PARK executive board

Presentation of the operational team



The Steering Committee


The NS-PARK network has also set up a steering committee including the executive board and a representative from each of the network centers. This committee is involved in the selection process, assistance and follow-up of the projects supported and carried out within the network.