Objectives of the NS PARK Network

The scientific program of the NS-Park INI concentrate on the main therapeutic challenges of PD and movement disorders to develop innovative dopamine and non-dopamine drugs, devices or other interventions, and combine them together into optimised therapeutic strategies. The goal is to improve the control of motor and non-motor symptoms, to better manage and/or prevent the complications of the disease and its treatments, and ideally to slow its progression.


Our objectives are the following:


To facilitate academic and industrial clinical research in the field of Parkinson's disease and abnormal movements. For this, we offer our expertise in:

  • Methodological support: development of new concepts and original trial designs (e.g.: wash-out, cross-over, delayed-start,..),
  • Administrative, financial and logistical support: from conception to implementation and follow-up of clinical or pathophysiological studies with:
  1. Evaluation of the feasibility of trials and of the capacity of recruitment in the network,
  2. Proposal of a single budget evaluation applicable to all centers,
  3. Support for the regulatory submissions,
  4. Facilitation of the signature of contracts,
  5. Real time follow-up of inclusions during monthly meeting with CRAs.
  • Staff training: training to Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and certification of investigators for rating scales (MDSUPDRS,MDS-UDysRS…),


To promote translational research in the field:

  • Privileged partnerships with preclinical teams and research infrastructures such as NeurATRIS (taskforce 5)


To give to our network an european level:

  • to be the sponsor of one project or more
  • to participate to an european project by coordinating a work package